“Slashing” Of Army To Pre-WWII Levels Still Leaves Room To “Right-Size” Downward

Typical rants are being heard about the proposed “slashing” of U.S. Army personnel to pre-World War II levels. Yet, American military power remains beyond question and still at absurd and unnecessary levels.

This chart from April 2013, shows America’s 2012 defense budget surpassed that of the next 10 largest military budgets combined, indicating just how much more room exists to re-prioritize and “right-size” downward our military capacity.

Most absurd and wasteful of American resources, U.S. defense spending accounts for nearly half of all U.S. discretionary federal spending (that is, spending outside Social Security and Medicare, which have their own budgets and trust funds, and interest on the debt). Think of the foregone health and education we could otherwise have afforded ourselves with these resources and funds while still remaining safe from threats of invasion — though perhaps more restrained in our ability to forward project provocation.


Another example of America’s extreme military dominance is with the world’s aircraft carriers: The U.S. has 19 aircraft carriers (including 10 massive ones), compared to 12 operated by other countries. We need to re-prioritize.



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