Contemporary Residence In Chile

Residence-in-papudo 1-1

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This house is located on the coast, in the coastal way between Zapallar and Papudo, one of the more exclusive and elegant places of summer vacation on the central Chilean littoral.

The entrance to the property is through a garden area above the bedrooms which leads to a glass-enclosed entry hall through which you reach a platform to view the house environ and its relationship to the environment. With the exception of this space, the rest of the house is on the ground level arranged with the intention of facilitating social gatherings and family life.

The house consists of two clearly distinct areas that flow outward to an external central courtyard, which has the distinction of visually linking the internal enclosures with sun throughout the interior of the house. The sea is visible from nearly every part of the house, including all the bedrooms and living and dining rooms.

A curved roof of exposed concrete covers the entry hall, living and dining rooms, and terrace — creating it a unique embiance and creating, in balance with the maritime environment, an atmosphere of tranquility and belonging.

Residence-in-papudo 1-002

Residence-in-papudo 1-003

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Residence-in-papudo 1-012

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Residence-in-papudo 1-015

Residence-in-papudo 1-016

Residence-in-papudo 1-017

Residence-in-papudo 1-018

Residence-in-papudo 1-019

Residence-in-papudo 1-020

Residence-in-papudo 1-021


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