Are American Christian Conservative Bible-Toting Gun-Slinging Jihadists Any Different Than The Muslim Kind? Hobby Lobby Reaction Puts It To The Test


Holly Fisher is a right-wing online agitator who posted a Twitter photo on the left above last week as an in-your-face image in support of the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS decision.

Her pose was soon compared to the image at right of Reem Riyashi, a mother of two from Gaza who killed four people and herself with a suicide bomb in 2004.

As was so correctly posited by online news editor Ben Mathis-Lilley… Holly Fisher isn’t a suicide bomber, but even so, after an American holiday in which we use huge explosions to celebrate a country that has and still does regularly kill people abroad with drones, missiles, and bombs, perhaps even the non-extremist patriots among us might see the aesthetic overlap between the two images above and engage in some self-reflection about the potential consequences of aggressive conservative nationalist pride.

I know, I know. It’s only a photo of an enthusiastic youngster (uh, “Millennial”). She is a cliché come to life: gun, bible, and flag. All that’s missing is the apple pie.

But each “cute” and thoughtlessly acceptable step forward in extremism is another step toward the dangerous extremism.

Someday, someone will cross the line and stand draped in the flag and embrace the bible to righteously justify using the rifle on innocent citizen lives who just happen to disagree, or live a life just a bit differently, or look just a little less white christian, or maybe just were some minimum wage workers riding public transit to work one tragic day.

We already have had Tea Partiers wanting the US to default on its debt obligations. We already have had Tea Partiers gather in protest groups fully armed with exposed automatic weaponry just outside Washington DC. We see American Conservatives wanting to impose a Christian version of Sharia Law on US Citizens.

How long until our radicals become activated like “their” radicals? I hope, never.



3 responses to “Are American Christian Conservative Bible-Toting Gun-Slinging Jihadists Any Different Than The Muslim Kind? Hobby Lobby Reaction Puts It To The Test

  • lwk2431

    The difference is what stands behind them. The American flag is a symbol of freedom. Islam is violence and intolerance.

    • Coronare Modestus Faust

      Well, I agree with you for the most part. Nonetheless, “they” (radical Islamists) have an equally valid rationale for their struggle for “God,” his word on earth, and what is “right” from their perspective, what you call violence and intolerance.” They would be equally valid to point out the violence we descend upon them nearly everyday, in physical destruction and cultural destruction (from their perspective) everyday. I don’t agree with their perspective. In the end it is the radicalism that I wish to confront and to warn us against — both “their” radicalism and ours. And frankly, from where I sit, the radical conservative element of this nation wants nothing like what I perceive of as freedom but instead a nation against freedoms for those not “like” themselves. The discussion, even argument, about what constitutes freedom is worthwhile, but the radicalization of that effort is what I seek to warn against, and I think this photo comparison speaks volumes in that regard.

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