Faces Of The Ferguson Decision

Ferguson 1-1

Ferguson 1-002

Ferguson 1-003

Ferguson 1-004

Ferguson 1-005

Ferguson 1-006

Ferguson 1-007

Ferguson 1-008

Ferguson 1-009

Ferguson 1-010

Ferguson 1-011

Ferguson 1-012

Ferguson 1-013


2 responses to “Faces Of The Ferguson Decision

  • joereyes3

    I think the people of Ferguson and around the world who are upset over the verdict are out of their minds and more importantly making a scumbag criminal the poster child for change

    • Coronare Modestus Faust

      I think that, no matter your opinion or words offered, no possible excuse exists to place six bullets into an unarmed “scumbag criminal” — otherwise known as a human citizen who had the right to live and be tried before being found as the criminal you describe.

      I think you deserve the right to live and be tried for any misdeeds you do, as well. I believe the same for myself.

      And I believe that anyone who places six bullets into an unarmed citizen needs to be placed on public trial. Wilson may very well have been found innocent in trial; that’s not the point. The process of justice and public trials for killing is the point.

      Was the boy, Brown, edging for trouble that day? Seems that way. The convenience store video clearly shows he had an attitude and was belligerent. Did he deserve to be shot? If the officer felt his life was in danger, yes. But the officer was trained to hit arms, legs, shoulders and other non-deadly places first. Six bullets later, that training was not followed, and an unarmed young citizen was dead.

      What’s wrong with going to trial? Grand juries are not to determine guilt or innocence. They are to determine if a reasonable jury might see the possibility there is enough evidence to possibly find a person guilty of a charge. The prosecutor tried the dead victim; he did not simply seek to go to a public trial for the officer’s actions.

      I would’t want to be a police officer for anything; I respect the dangers they face daily. But they are still accountable for their actions and protecting citizens’ rights. They choose the dangerous job; the job did not choose them.

      And I guess you can’t understand the reactions of folks because you have not been systematically discriminated against. I’m actually happy for you in that regard. But you may need to work on the skills of empathy and understanding.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, even if I found them to be a bit harsh.

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