CORONARE MODESTUS FAUST:  latté-enjoying, wine-loving, internet and book-obsessed Progressive, Social-Capitalist living life with his husband of 20+ years.

When not bemoaning ethical failures or mitigating, in some minuscule way, the social damages he and too many other citizens suffer from “Traditional” American Values (social and business), you might find him in the kitchen with a glass of wine (well, that’s a given) preparing yet another Williams-Sonoma recipe while listening to NPR, jazz, or classical music.

Inappropriate personal agendas and indifference toward obligation and ethics are significant annoyances that he addresses by trying to learn more — what wags the world and why. So you’ll find him often re-reading a book — despite pages being obscured by thin pen lines, thick pen lines, circled words, scribbles, notes, comments, and rebuttal — for the umpteenth time. Or perhaps watching some sci-fi social-commentary movie or (smirking) insightful, thought-provoking shows like, “Two-And-A-Half Men,” “The New Normal,” “Modern Family,” and “The Office.”

CORONARE MODESTUS FAUST is currently working through the conundrum of how so many intelligent, educated people manage to place their feet in their mouths while their heads are so firmly up their arses.

He’s frustrated, and believes the nation is threatened, by libertarianism — knowing the objectivist/libertarian belief system is inappropriate to a fruitful, functional society. Libertarians disregard a profound reality: We are responsible for the decisions we make, yes, but we’re not responsible for the options we’re given. Thus, CORONARE MODESTUS FAUST believes that we should create that “society we would want if we didn’t know in advance who we’d be.”

He sees that another libertarian delusion is establishment of the fanciful “self-made” individual. The laughable concept discounts external influence or inspiration and exhibits a blatant disregard for the interconnectedness that is the human condition.

He remains convinced that we humans do not have to destroy each other to survive (as in two wars extinguishing 100,000+ lives as revenge for the prior killing of 3000) but that we choose to do so… not the nonsense propounded that genetics or patriotism demands it. CORONARE MODESTUS FAUST knows we have the ability to reason and that too many simply choose the easier way of reactive non-thought.

Though imbued with a simmering cauldron of rage just below his deceptively pleasant (and not altogether unpleasant looking) exterior, he’s always willing to self-examine and learn — yearning for family, friends, community members to take the same ride.

The hope… the desire… the craving… for forward movement and betterment on cultural, political, and individual levels are woven into his personal fabric, with key objectives toward equality/equitability*, liberty, fraternity, justice-for-all, empathy, self-awareness, growth, momentum, compassion, and humor.

(*EQUALITY of advancement opportunity and treatment under the law and social memes — EQUITABILITY of rewards and outcomes [economic and social])


It appears that a large number of citizens seeking minimalist government from the Right are for strong government, though, when it favors their perceived social interests, such as interfering with the reproductive rights of women, the marriage rights of non-heterosexuals, and the civil rights of non-whites.

CORONARE MODESTUS FAUST relishes challenging the authority of political, religious, and societal priests, as he liberally supports marriage for everyone, equal rights for everyone, less poison for the environment, progressive taxation, removal of corporate personhood, financial regulation enforcement up to and including criminal incarceration, the elimination of all “consensual crimes,” and many other positions that lead conservatives to squirm uncomfortably in their seats.


The Right will argue that allowing the free market to function will fix our problems. But, the free market doesn’t guarantee social outcomes, merely economic ones. Yes, it may provide more efficiency on the whole and grow the economy faster as a whole, but by itself doesn’t guarantee how wealth is distributed. The Right cannot be indifferent to the consequences of a middle-class life undermined, nor can it be indifferent to half the population’s inability to buy the products and services that businesses sell.

The Left would argue that the solution is for laws to transfer wealth from the rich to the middle class. But, while that would increase consumption, depending on the scope, it could threaten the amount of capital available to investment by the transfer itself and by eliminating incentives to invest. The Left cannot be indifferent to the fact that one can’t invest what they don’t have, and that no one will accept the risk of investment if the payoff is transferred completely away.

CORONARE MODESTUS FAUST understands the take away to be that “reasonableness” must prevail as to the extent, but transfers of some wealth should ensue as a part of the solution. So, let’s avoid extreme redistribution and focus on finding the correct amount that ameliorates the problems at hand (which will improve sales and garner more aggregate profit for firms, shareholders, and stakeholders… alike) while retaining enough incentives to invest and risk take.

As a Social-Capitalist/Social-Democrat**, CORONARE MODESTUS FAUST favors smart government — a government as big or as small as needed to achieve progressive social and capital ends, ensuring that serving “capital” interests must also serve to improve the lives of “We the people” broadly (hence, “Social”).

“Our” government’s job is best done when it benefits all of the people, and not just capital interests — as he interpretes the right favors.

(**Social Democracy is exhibited as an economic precept of Social Capitalism. The contemporary social democratic movement seeks to reform capitalism to align it with the ethical ideals of social justice while maintaining the efficient and wealth-building capitalist mode of production, as opposed to creating an alternative socialist economic system. Practical modern social democratic policies include the promotion of the commonweal, and the creation of economic democracy as a means to secure stakeholders’ rights.)

“This vast number of worlds, the enormous scale of the universe, in my view, has been taken into account, even superficially, in virtually no religion, and especially no Western religions.” – Carl Sagan

CORONARE MODESTUS FAUST blogs about domestic politics, foreign policy, high culture, pop culture, books, film, television, food, automobiles, design, art, patriarchy, oppression, repression, religion, philosophy, marriage, civil rights, gay rights, and anything else that seems to hit his nerve.

Taking exception with the very concept of “American Exceptionalism,” CORONARE MODESTUS FAUST feels compelled to explore these issues in rambling-though-coherent thoughts and an adventurous assortment of arbitrary amusements.



Liberalism is “Life.”

It is an unrelenting pursuit of freedom from physical dangers that can kill or disable us.

  • The Liberal believes it is a nation’s job to protect its citizens from physical harm, whether from external sources, such as hostile nations, or internal ones, like crime, disease, or hunger. Without the solid ground of physical wellbeing, our nation and its citizens cannot enjoy the benefits of being free.
  • Liberals believe in a strong military, well suited to defend the nation.
  • Liberals believe in good laws, hard-working police, and a just legal system to protect its citizens from crime.
  • Liberals believe in affordable health care for everyone, to keep our people strong.
  • And Liberals believe in the availability of food and shelter for its needy, not as a hand out but as a reasonable step in moving all Americans toward self-reliance and the freedom that comes with it.

Liberalism is “Liberty.”

It is the freedom to do as your conscience dictates without impeding another’s rights. Liberalism established a nation where personal belief and self-determination are protected, not persecuted; where hard work is rewarded, not demanded; and where each person is bestowed with the ability to better his or her life because of citizenship, not class.

  • Liberals believe in freedom of speech to protect us from political oppression.
  • Liberals believe in sound regulations to protect us from economic oppression.
  • Liberals believe in just laws to protect us from social oppression.
  • And Liberals believe in quality education to protect us from the oppression of ignorance.

Liberalism is “The Pursuit of Happiness.”

It is the freedom to create an environment where the individual can excel. What is freedom if it cannot be used to better our lives? A truly free society must be one where its members can rise above their limitations and expand their futures — it is “The American Dream,” and it’s alive and well in the heart of the Liberal.

  • Liberals believe in equal opportunities for all to rise above our means.
  • Liberals believe in equal opportunities to rise above our education levels.
  • Liberals believe in equal opportunities to rise above our social status.
  • And Liberals believe each and every family should have an equal opportunity to make this world better for their children.

Based on these tenets, Liberalism is not the monster it’s made out to be by the opposition.

  • It is pro individual and pro family.
  • It is pro community and pro country.
  • Liberalism is, by its very definition, the heart and soul of what it means to be an American.
  • It stands against tyranny of any kind, whether international or domestic.
  • It works to remove abuse and fight crime.
  • And it strives to eliminate the idea of a wasted life by not wasting resources and opportunities.
FAIR USE NOTICE: This blog may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes, to advance understanding of human rights, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. This use constitutes a “fair use” of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond “fair use,” you must obtain permission from the appropriate copyright owner.

13 responses to “About CORONARE MODESTUS FAUST

  • Rick A Prentice

    It’s very interesting to read the above definitions of “Liberalism is”.
    You could insert “Conservatism is” and the same definitions would apply.
    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness require no labels to defend its real meaning or to define its true value. As is the case, these labels have become useful tools of the ruling class to deliberately encourage and instigate divisiveness. You see, in a so called free society, rulers must always position one class or group against another in order to weaken them both. A well United People is far too powerful for Rulers to accomplish their dastardly deeds… as in “Divide and Conquer”.
    While Liberals and Conservatives have their Labels to attach themselves to and are busy hurling stones at each other, (all the while believing in “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness), the ruling class is having its tyrannical control over both.
    And oh how we have become willing participants in their grand scheme! Playing right into their dirty hands.
    Only when enough of the people who realize this stand up and shout..
    ENOUGH!! and replace these Tyrannical Manipulators with those of us that have “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” running in our veins, we will never truly experience the fullness of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness that our founders intended for us ALL.

    • Coronare Modestus Faust

      No doubt, your point can seem correct in a broad brushstroke. My point, though, was to explore the fact that the legitimate defense of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” is not simply the purview of the American right and conservatives. It is an effort to accord legitimacy to those of us in the Liberal wing who pursue the very same thing from a different perspective. My reading, however, stands for myself and my values, period… and what I read in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution stands for Liberalism. Your definition indicates a battle of ruled against ruling class, while I do not believe that this is a legitimate battle: there will always be the ruled and always be those who rule. I’m only interested that the arrangement improve and protect the lives of the entire society with equity and equality as I defined very clearly. Mine is a philosophical battle of perspective to impact real world policies — justice and equity in a good society of connected citizens. I perceive yours’ as to be an unending quest for abolishment of rulers and governments… that can never occur and is not even worth attempting for a decent modern society. To your point, though, I would argue that the contemporary right-wing (Tea Party specifically) is an attempt by the Koch brothers and other supra-elites to destroy functional government to serve their own power and wealth interests and not at all to secure the rights to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

    • Richard

      Rick, the autor is just a socialist in denial. How Socialism is a complete failure, modern socialists currently want State bureaucrats parasite the people of Capitalism.

      Free Market is what make USA so great, so freedom and so prosperous.
      Free Market is what make Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness a reality in USA.
      Free Market and the respect for private property was what has ensured our individual liberties and our individual rights.

      I am not a conservative, I am a libertarian, but in economic questions I 100% agree with conservatives. Because Economic Freedom is what make “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” a reality and what make USA one of the most freedom and most prosperous nations on Earth.

      Equalit is an utopia that failed everyowhere was tried in last century. But American Universities, even after the end of Cold War, continue feeding such failed and impracticable idea.


      “A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” Milton Friedman, 1976 Nobel Prize.

      • Coronare Modestus Faust

        I believe that your view leads to excess comfort for some and increased misery for the majority, and ultimately leads to violence for all as its final outcome. I certainly respect your right to opinion, but you do not get to label my stance as socialism as you like; it is social capitalism. I support capitalism, yes, but with programs, laws, and regulations in place to assure fairness to all participants, equality of opportunity, and equitability of rewards for all stakeholders (not the same as equal, fyi), not just reserved exclusively to the property holder. I will also say that libertarianism has a streak of psycho-social dysfunction as a component, so there’s that, too. Still, thanks for stopping by and offering a thought.

  • Demian Trevor O'Keeffe

    As a tradesman your grasp of english is a bit much, but your ideals are akin to mine for that i recommend reading you to my buddys. Anyone who protects and honors Liberty is always welcome to my table. Not as smart and educated, but my hands create beauty. I hold my faust high in Liberty. my thanks

  • PeterVL

    Fantastic –

    oh, how we need voices like yours to enervate our moribund political discourse. It amazes me that the “left” has for so many years failed to address the very core issues, and has allowed the radical right (lately labeled “tea party” but more accurately the power-elite neo-conservatives) to own the “defense” liberty and justice.

    Our politicians have stood on the side-lines, meekly spouting the very same milquetoast arguments that have failed for over 30 years.

    I’ll follow you and comment when I can, and post your words to my small slice of the globe.

    Thank you.

  • ltd2dtl

    Keep up the good work, my friend. You have keen insight. You eloquently and coherently laid out many thoughts that I’ve struggled to express, particularly around balancing the benefits of capitalism with its extremes and abuses. I’ll be coming back, reading and sharing your work again, I’m sure.

  • diefroschinCris

    Are you still here? We need you now! – America

  • Don Nasca

    This blog ran from 2010 to 2015 and stopped? Did something happen to Mr. Faust?

    I was very happy to read his comparison between Socialism and Social Democracy. Millions of American’s have been brain washed into thinking the two are the same.

  • nightman1

    Dear Sir. I just discovered your blog with its juicy statistics and graphs, and would like to be told of additions to it, but I see no way to do so here. Is there one?

    PS: I don’t use Twitter.

    • Coronare Modestus Faust

      I see that you have “followed” my blog, so when I make updates, you will be notified. I haven’t actually updated in a while (life intervenes), but I always respond to enquiries or comments. I anticipate getting back to posting articles in the very near future. Thanks for checking in. I also quickly reviewed your blog. Nice work. I expect many of our views are compatible with each other.

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