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Design Competition II: 2014 Mercedes C-Class & Audi A4

For 2014, Mercedes is on the attack against fellow German auto manufacturers. The newest iteration of the C-Class is an excellent salvo launched in this effort. Audi soldiers on another year with the recently refreshed mid-sized sedan: A4. Each represents its parent company’s design and product philosophies very well. Which has best executed with a future-oriented design befitting a discerning customer base?

As said in my CLA-A3 comparison, I’ve been an Audi client for fifteen years, though I have owned a BMW during that time as well, but it was always Audi that captured my design preference: understated sophistication, refined sports performance, and pursuit of engineering heights.

And again, as I said in the prior design comparison, this Audi fan thinks that Mercedes may have just taken the lead.

The C-Class, a new interpretation of mid-sized European luxury, is beautifully designed, clearly high end without being ostentatious, and deftly balancing luxury and European sportiness — just as stated with the CLA. The Audi A4 is, as was said of the A3, competently designed, eminently recognizable, and not at all offensive. But, the Audi is also derivative of all its prior designs, un-stimulating, and a bit dull.

What are your thoughts from a design perspective? Who succeeded better: Mercedes with the new C-Class or Audi with the A4?

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C-Class A4 1-1

C-Class A4 1-002

Mercedes-Benz C 300 BlueTEC HYBRID, Exclusive Line, Cavansitblau

C-Class A4 1-004

MY2015 C-Class sedan - European spec.

Audi A4/Innenraum

Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse Limousine (W205) 2013

C-Class A4 1-008

MY2015 C-Class sedan - European spec.

C-Class A4 1-010

MY2015 C-Class sedan - European spec.

C-Class A4 1-012

For My Preference: Mercedes Has Again Taken The Lead From Audi… with a design that is at once highly sophisticated but also sporty and quite European. Mercedes has presented  a refined, dynamic design that stimulates. Audi Dead in The Water with an outdated and derivative A4 design, but it particularly fails in the interior design with a pedestrian and decidedly middle-class cabin more at home in a Chevrolet Impala (prior to its recent dynamic makeover). The Mercedes C-Class interior is nothing short of stunning.

C-Class A4 1-015


C-Class A4 1-016

Mercedes-Benz C 300 BlueTEC HYBRID, Exclusive Line, Cavansitblau

Mercedes-Benz C 300 BlueTEC HYBRID, Exclusive Line, Cavansitblau