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Iran Schools Duplicitous Letter-Writing US Senatorial Conservatives

Teaching Moment On U.S. Constitution and Diplomacy to Sophomoric GOP Senators

From Iranian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (Smack, In Your Face):

[In response to] the open letter of 47 US Senators to Iranian leaders, the Iranian Foreign Minister, Dr. Javad Zarif, responded that, “In our view, this letter has no legal value and is mostly a propaganda ploy.” It is very interesting that while negotiations are still in progress and while no agreement has been reached, some political pressure groups are so afraid even of the prospect of an agreement that they resort to unconventional methods, unprecedented in diplomatic history. This indicates that like Netanyahu, who considers peace as an existential threat, some are opposed to any agreement, regardless of its content.


Zarif expressed astonishment that some members of US Congress find it appropriate to write to leaders of another country against their own President and administration. He pointed out that from reading the open letter, it seems that the authors not only do not understand international law, but are not fully cognizant of the nuances of their own Constitution when it comes to presidential powers in the conduct of foreign policy.

Foreign Minister Zarif added that, “I should bring one important point to the attention of the authors and that is, the world is not the United States, and the conduct of inter-state relations is governed by international law, and not by US domestic law.” The authors may not fully understand that in international law, governments represent the entirety of their respective states, are responsible for the conduct of foreign affairs, are required to fulfil the obligations they undertake with other states and may not invoke their internal law as justification for failure to perform their international obligations.

The Iranian Foreign Minister added that, “Change of administration does not in any way relieve the next administration from international obligations undertaken by its predecessor in a possible agreement about Iran`s peaceful nuclear program.” He continued, “I wish to enlighten the authors that if the next administration revokes any agreement with the stroke of a pen, as they boast, it will have simply committed a blatant violation of international law.”

He emphasized that if the current negotiation with P5+1 result in a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, it will not be a bilateral agreement between Iran and the US, but rather one that will be concluded with the participation of five other countries, including all permanent members of the Security Council, and will also be endorsed by a Security Council resolution.

Zarif expressed the hope that his comments, “may enrich the knowledge of the authors to recognize that according to international law, Congress may not modify the terms of the agreement at any time as they claim,” and if Congress adopts any measure to impede its implementation, it will have committed a material breach of US obligations.

The Foreign Minister also informed the authors that majority of US international agreements in recent decades are in fact what the signatories describe as “mere executive agreements” and not treaties ratified by the Senate.

He reminded them that “their letter in fact undermines the credibility of thousands of such mere executive agreements” that have been or will be entered into by the US with various other governments.

Zarif concluded by stating that “the Islamic Republic of Iran has entered these negotiations in good faith and with the political will to reach an agreement, and it is imperative for our counterparts to prove similar good faith and political will in order to make an agreement possible.”


Republican Letter To Iran Violates Logan Act

Is there no end to Republican conservative duplicity?

Just when you thought congressional Republicans couldn’t look any more like a troupe of treacherous and sophomoric hooligans hellbent on undermining the United States, they pull out another bag of high-school level tricks.

On Monday, 47 Republican senators signed an open letter addressed to the “Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran” on U.S. Senate letterhead. The correspondence advises that Iran’s ongoing negotiations on its nuclear program with the Obama administration are a futile endeavor that will be overturned by the next President or modified by Congress.

senate letter


Violation Of The Logan Act

Senator Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran is a direct violation of the Logan Act and should lead to prosecution as Senator Tom Cotton and 46 other signatories letter to the Iranian Government is an attempt to influence and interfere with the President’s current negotiations.

The Logan Act is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. It was passed in 1799 and last amended in 1994. Violation of the Logan Act is a felony, punishable under federal law with imprisonment of up to three years.


While the letter’s signatories are U.S. senators, they do not have the “authority of the United States” as required by law since, in conducting foreign policy, the executive branch is the United States’ only authorized authority, taking into consideration the occasional “Advice and Consent of the Senate” as prescribed by the Constitution. It’s directly addressed to leaders of a foreign government presently involved in talks with the U.S., and it is designed to thwart those talks. Unless the senators were authorized by the President to address Iran’s leaders in this letter, the 47 U.S. senators violated a federal law that carries a prison term of up to three years.

§ 953. Private correspondence with foreign governments.

Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

1 Stat. 613, January 30, 1799, codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953 (2004).

The Constitution expressly provides sole authority to the President or his designated representative to negotiate with other countries. The Congress only has that authority if the President extends it to them. They only authority they have is after the negotiations are over…and then only if it’s a treaty.

It Is Sedition

Moreover, the action may be considered sedition: “sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that is deemed by the legal authority to tend toward insurrection against the established order.” This Republican action is clearly designed to undermine the authority of the legally elected executive while negotiating with a hostile foreign power—it is formal, declared in writing, printed and signed on official Senatorial letterhead, and was not voted on by Congress before the act of sedition took place. As such, it is prosecutable under 18 US Code Chapter 115.

They are aiding and comforting the Iranians by presenting the United States as irrevocably divided and utterly undisciplined nation. The Republican Senators clearly have no interest other than their own aggrandizement and the sabotage of effort to make the world a safer place for all.

Republican party members have demonstrated themselves on numerous contemporary occasions to be unfit to govern.

Biden Lashes Out Accurately

“In thirty-six years in the United States Senate, I cannot recall another instance in which Senators wrote directly to advise another country — much less a longtime foreign adversary — that the President does not have the constitutional authority to reach a meaningful understanding with them. This letter sends a highly misleading signal to friend and foe alike that that our Commander-in-Chief cannot deliver on America’s commitments — a message that is as false as it is dangerous.

“The decision to undercut our President and circumvent our constitutional system offends me as a matter of principle. As a matter of policy, the letter and its authors have also offered no viable alternative to the diplomatic resolution with Iran that their letter seeks to undermine.”

—Vice President Biden in a statement released by the White House

Republicans Fail The Test Of Ronald Reagan

Once upon a time, Republicans negotiated nuclear agreements with archenemies, and they actually signed them—Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Reagan’s approach was simple and has guided President Obama’s tact: “Trust, but verify.” Thirty years later, it’s a shame Republicans refuse example.


Gun Slingers Overreact To Proper Presidential Executive Orders. Really?

Rand Paul Vows Gun Challenge… State Rep. Proposes Bill Targeting Federal Agents… Mississippi Gov: I’ll Block… Second Congressman Floats Impeachment… Wyoming Lawmaker: Make Assault Weapons Enforcement A Felony… LONE STAR LOON: Rep. Tries To Ban Gun Laws… LAWLESS SHERIFFS: We Won’t Enforce Gun Laws… NRA UNHINGED: Ad Targets Obama Children… ‘Fight Of The Century’

Wow. The president sets out to use his executive powers to enforce laws already on the books and gun slingers across the US react as only the uncontrolled, unbalanced and obsessed are able.

Truly, when YOU say that, “Guns aren’t the problem… People with guns are the problem”… I agree, and I now know it’s you with whom we must be concerned and must fear. You are the threat to my freedoms. You have proven yourselves incapable of restraint and clear thinking under pressure.

Time to send in the jack-booted thugs to confiscate your guns and make the nation safe for civilized citizens. (Oh, that’s right, we don’t have jack-booted thugs you fear nor an effort to collect your weapons you don’t deserve and can’t responsibly handle… crap!)


The PROPER Part Of The Second Amendment That Gun Slingers Ignore:

A WELL REGULATED MILITIA being necessary to the security of a free State…

Not A Well Regulated Militia

Nope, not this either…

Nope, Not This

Oh, God no!

Oh God, No

And… well, this is the point, isn’t it?

And… well, this is the point, isn't it?


See a past Faustian urGe — The Art of Guns, God, and Country — for another interpretation.

Look Of Loss (White) – Look Of Victory (All Shades)

The Look Of Loss: White (Purity)

The Look Of Victory: All Shades (Diversity)

For The Fact-Driven Statistically Minded… This Is What It Looks Like: 88% of Romney Voters Were White!

Conservative’s Talk Taken For Granted As Truth — The Social Contract & US Debt

Why is it that when one is a conservative Republican, the most unsupported and absurd comments about the economy or economics are said and taken for granted as truth?

Here’s just one recent example that raised my gall:

Dorsey D. Farr, co-founder and head of investment strategy and portfolio management for French Wolf & Farr, told the Rotary Club of Buckhead in Atlanta at a January 30, 2012 luncheon that ongoing labor market weakness, household deleveraging, consumption growth and sovereign debt will continue to be tough issues with which to tangle in 2012.

Well, fair enough, and who could argue with the assessment?

But then Farr went on to say with professorial certainty…

“…defeating the debt monster requires a revision to the social contract that created it. That takes either enormous political will or a crisis.”

Really? No, I mean, REALLY!?

As Bill Clinton left office, we ran budget surpluses and were well on the path to paying off the total US debt. So, what we really want to look at is what caused the dramatic change in direction, the rising yearly budget deficits, and the yawning total US debt after Clinton… meaning W. Bush and Obama.

First… the social contracts for Social Security have run surpluses and helped to fund the deficit spending… not contributed to the deficits.

Moreover, doing absolutely nothing but following the law, Social Security and associated social spending will not and cannot contribute to the deficits, as Social Security may only spend what money it has and takes in. Thus, when fifteen to twenty years from now it is out of excess cash, it can only pay out to retirees the amount of money raised each year from Social Security taxes.

All this means is that given no other changes, future retirees will see a somewhat reduced monthly payout — NOT a stoppage of payout… NOT any deficit spending…

OK… none of that causes or contributes to the deficit or debt, so I’m still lost as to how the Social Contract led to our deficits and unsustainable debt or threatens the debt future, Mr Farr.

Obama Vs. W. Bush On The Deficit

So, Mr Farr, let’s see where since Clinton our deficits and the burgeoning debt originated:

Humm, well, I grant that the Part D Medicare Drug benefit that was not initially funded properly contributed to the debt and is part of a social contract. That means that of the $15 Trillion total US debt, $5 Trillion came from W. Bush in non-social contract spending!

Bottom line: W. Bush’s non-social contract spending and tax cuts caused one-third of our total US debt… not, sir, as you and other Republicans nonchalantly propound.

Sustainable & Non-Sustainable Debt

One complaint of the current debt situation is that it is 100% of yearly GDP. History has shown this amount to be a drag on economic growth and the overall financial health of a nation. What has been deemed historically supportable is a US debt level of 62-65%.

Well, take out W. Bush’s non-social contract deficit and debt contributing contributions, and you have a $10 Trillion debt against a $15 Trillion economy… or 66%!

Wow, so the un-sustainability of our US debt is NOT from social contract spending but from Bush’s absurd tax cuts, two unfunded wars (Iraq and Afghanistan), non-defense discretionary spending, and the effects of his crashing the economy!

Mr Farr, get a grip and do your research… do not just assume that because you’re conservative and Republican that your pontifications are granted truth.

Final Thought: The Absurdity of Austerity

As once practitioners and the ill, alike, advocated blood-letting and leeching to cure sickness and disease — draining vital life fluid and energy from the frail and weak… so today must society suffer self-imposed and popular austerity to cure an anemic economy. In both times, the hope was that the patient didn’t die from the cure.

In our dystopian world today, Republicans propose drastic budget cuts to the social contract that in no way contributed to our current debt problem. Yes, in a world where 70% of the economy is consumer driven, conservatives propose starving the consumer of cash by reneging on pre-agreed social programs and austerity.

Good luck with that.

Hope I live through it! Hope most of us patients live through it, too. As for the bloodletters and their supporters, ah, not so much : )