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Clear Lake Cottage by MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects



Modern Enclave At Peace By A Lake In The Woods

…Works for me : )

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Clear Lake Cottage 1-1

Clear Lake Cottage 1-002

Clear Lake Cottage 1-003

Clear Lake Cottage 1-004

Clear Lake Cottage 1-005

Clear Lake Cottage 1-006

Clear Lake Cottage 1-007

Clear Lake Cottage 1-008

Clear Lake Cottage 1-009

Clear Lake Cottage 1-010

Clear Lake Cottage 1-011

Clear Lake Cottage 1-012


18.36.54 House by Daniel Libeskind — Revisited (Again)

If an apology is due for repetition, then so be it…I apologize. But, I cannot get enough of “18.36.54 House” by Daniel Libeskind — Modern Work Of Art Set In Nature. This design successfully challenges all our traditional notions of shape, angularity, and perspective while offering a fully functional residence in a complimentary juxtaposition of manufactured forms and materials against organic form and nature. So, herewith is a third visit to Mr. Libeskind’s residential work of art, with additional images and documentation.

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18.36.54 House By Liebskind 1-1.54 House By Liebskind

As I said previously, “Challenging both traditional and modern concepts of ‘the house in the landscape,’ this design gives nothing of itself up to its natural setting, but selectively incorporates the elements thereof for the enhancement of both house and landscape.”

18.36.54 House By Liebskind 1-1.54 House By Liebskind-001

18.36.54 House By Liebskind 1-1.54 House By Liebskind-002

18.36.54 House By Liebskind 1-1.54 House By Liebskind-003

18.36.54 House By Liebskind 1-1.54 House By Liebskind-004

18.36.54 House By Liebskind 1-1.54 House By Liebskind-005

18.36.54 House By Liebskind 1-1.54 House By Liebskind-006

18.36.54 House By Liebskind 1-1.54 House By Liebskind-007

18.36.54 House By Liebskind 1-1.54 House By Liebskind-008

Villa L, Utrecht Netherlands — Paradox Of United Diversity

A Stunningly Fresh Take On Modernism By Powerhouse Company & RAU

Villa L 1-1

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Villa L is a spatially diverse residence where every floor has its own strong identity, creating a broad spatial scope within a unified whole —  three floors, three unique environments (of which one is below ground and yet exposed with significant window glazing).

Villa L 1-002

Powerhouse Company, in collaboration with RAU, recently completed Villa L. Designed to the desires and needs of a young — and very fortunate — family, Villa L is set in the woods of central Netherlands, fully oriented towards the sun and garden views, and features green building strategies including hot and cold-water storage and hidden photovoltaic cells.

The ground floor, occupied by living and dining rooms, is partially covered by a green roof which also acts as a garden for the bedrooms upstairs. In contrast to the brightness and transparency of the ground floor, with its glossy travertine and mirrored glass, the top floor exterior walls are covered with dark-stained wood to suggest a more private atmosphere.

Villa L 1-003

Villa L 1-004

Main level is for living, with an open ground floor. A strip of service rooms containing storage, toilets and stairs, provides easy access to the elegantly open living spaces. The kitchen and the living room are oriented to best utilize natural light and provide views of the garden. Two studies are located near the living area, on the north side next to the entrance. The “cabins” on the second floor are surrounded by the roof garden that appears as an extension of the surrounding forest.

Villa L 1-005

Villa L 1-006

The upper level of Villa L was conceived as a “village of cabins” – a cluster of intimate and private dark-stained-wood detached volumes that follow a different outline compared to the ground floor. Each ‘cabin” room provides its own private views over the wooded landscape. In order to achieve this affect, architects developed a complex steel frame that surrounds the volumes. An 11-meter steel cantilever supports the structure – although it’s completely hidden from view.

Villa L 1-019

The curvaceous subterranean level is for guests, fitness, pool, storage, and cars. The unique excavations along three parts of the below-ground level allow the pool and the guest rooms to have fully glazed facades and direct access to the garden, while the remaining offers access for cars. All the high-end energy-saving systems are situated in the subterranean level, as well.

Villa L 1-007

Villa L 1-008

Villa L 1-009

Villa L 1-010

Villa L 1-011

Villa L 1-012

Villa L 1-013

Villa L 1-014

Villa L 1-015

Villa L 1-016

Villa L 1-017

Villa L 1-018

Villa L 1-020

Villa L 1-021

Villa L 1-022

Villa L 1-023

Villa L 1-024

Bob Hope Residence, Palm Springs — A John Lautner Massive Masterpiece

Bob Hope House 1-1

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Bob Hope’s huge and famous hill-top house is located in Palm Springs Southridge mountain area, overlooking Palm Springs. The nearly 18,000 sq ft (add nearly 5k more sq ft for terraces and outdoor living space) John Lautner-designed Bob and Dolores Hope Residence (1973) — situated close to the also Lautner-designed Elrod Residence in Palm Springs — features a massive undulating triangular roof, pierced by a large circular central light shaft, six bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.

See interior photos here.


Mr. Hope died in 2003 at the age of 100; Mrs. Hope died in 2011 at 102. Thus, Hope’s architectural treasure was placed on the market in late February 2013 for $50 million.

Bob Hope House 1-003

In addition to the bedrooms and numerous bathrooms, plus the spacious living and dining rooms, the massive residence also features a spa, which houses a pool, a hot tub and an exercise area. Outdoor spaces include a pool, pond, tennis court, putting green, and outdoor terrace with massive fireplace. The modernist structure is built of concrete and glass, with an undulating copper roof that rises to an open circle at its center.

Bob Hope House 1-004

The original ’73 house was destroyed by fire during construction. Bob and Dolores Hope interfered extensively in the second design, with the result that Lautner eventually distanced himself from the project. Although not well-known and rarely available for public viewing (this modern masterpiece is located within a gated community) it is one of the largest and most visually striking of Lautner’s domestic designs. The estate dominates a corner lot with sweeping views of the entire Coachella Valley. No pictures of the home’s interior have ever been published since the Hopes moved in (1979).

Bob Hope House 1-005

The home was used primarily as a second residence for the Hope family and was the place where they entertained most often, inviting friends such as Tony Bennett and Glen Campbell to enjoy the views from the house. It can accommodate as many as 300 guests for dinner under an enormous covered terrace.

Bob Hope House 1-006

Each January for many years, the family threw a huge dinner party to mark the end of the Bob Hope Classic golf tournament, now called the Humana Challenge. “That was sort of a highlight of the desert social calendar,” said Linda Hope, a daughter of the couple.

Bob Hope House 1-007

A big buffet would be laid out on the terraced patio, including Mrs. Hope’s famous antipasto salad, which she insisted on mixing herself, adding the vinegar and oil by eye. A clear tent was put up on part of the terrace to keep out the cold while still allowing guests to take in the spectacular nighttime view. “The whole desert was at your feet,” Linda Hope said.

Bob Hope House 1-008

Bob Hope House 1-009

Bob Hope House 1-010

Bob Hope House 1-011

Bob Hope House 1-012

Bob Hope House 1-013

Bob Hope House 1-014

Bob Hope House 1-015

Bob Hope House 1-016

Bob Hope House 1-017

Bob Hope House 1-018

Bob Hope House 1-019

Bob Hope House 1-020

Bob Hope House 1-021

Bob Hope House 1-022

Bob Hope House 1-023

Bob Hope House 1-024

Bob Hope House 1-025

Bob Hope House 1-026

Bob Hope House 1-027

Bob Hope House 1-028


Bob Hope House 1-030

Bob Hope House 1-031

Bob Hope House 1-032

Bob Hope House 1-033

Bob Hope House 1-034

Bob Hope House 1-035

Bob Hope House 1-036

Bob Hope House 1-037

Bob Hope House 1-038

Bob Hope House 1-039

Bob Hope House 1-040

Bob Hope House 1-041

Bob Hope House 1-042

Bob Hope House 1-043

Bob Hope House 1-044

Bob Hope House 1-045



Lautner’s Architectural Plan For The Hope Residence

Bob Hope House 1-045a


Stunning Black & White Architectural Highlights

Bob Hope House 1-045b

Bob Hope House 1-045c

Bob Hope House 1-045d

Bob Hope House 1-045e


The Hope Estate – Toluca Lake

In addition to their desert getaway the Hope’s also maintained a five-plus acre spread in the Toluca Lake area of Los Angeles with a 14,876 square foot main house and several additional outbuildings joined by various driveways and parking areas.

Bob Hope House 1-046


Bob & Delores Hope

Bob Hope House 1-047

Bob Hope House 1-047a

Bob Hope House 1-048

Bob Hope House 1-049

Bob Hope House 1-050