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Look Of Loss (White) – Look Of Victory (All Shades)

The Look Of Loss: White (Purity)

The Look Of Victory: All Shades (Diversity)

For The Fact-Driven Statistically Minded… This Is What It Looks Like: 88% of Romney Voters Were White!


SHOCK: “President Obama Must Be Defeated” — So Says Obama’s Former Harvard Professor


— Robert Unger, Harvard Law School

Unger said that Obama must lose the election in order for “the voice of democratic prophecy to speak once again in American life.”

He acknowledged that if a Republican wins the presidency, “there will be a cost … in judicial and administrative appointments.” But he said that “the risk of military adventurism” would be no worse under a Republican than under Obama, and that “the Democratic Party proposes no new direction.”

“SUPERMAN” Has Faded

The professor’s complaints:

  • “His policy is financial confidence and food stamps.”
  • “He has spent trillions of dollars to rescue the moneyed interests and left workers and homeowners to their own devices.”
  • “He has delivered the politics of democracy to the rule of money.”
  • “He has disguised his surrender with an empty appeal to tax justice.”
  • “He has reduced justice to charity.”
  • “He has subordinated the broadening of economic and educational opportunity to the important but secondary issue of access to health care in the mistaken belief that he would be spared a fight.”
  • “He has evoked a politics of handholding, but no one changes the world without a struggle.”


The professor is correct in his complaints, but wrong on his prescription. While I maintain a similar disappointment in President Obama’s leadership and course of action, the damage that a Romney presidency represents is the danger of empowering Tea Party adherents who will corral him.

In the choice between 1) some damage caused by Obama’s compromises and lack of dynamic proposals and 2) dramatic damages of untethered conservatism/libertarianism,…I will choose the “faded hero I know.”